Endo Liqueur 2022

Competition Regulations

The evaluation of the products will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. All participants of PF 2022 who will deliver a liqueur prepared on the basis of concessioned alcohol of legal origin to the Organizer, are allowed to take part in the competition.
  2. All Competitioners are asked to deliver the bottle with Liqueur to the PF 2022 reception desk to Mr Bernard Tersa on the 1th of Dec 2022 before 3pm.
  3. A participant may enter the competition in person or be represented by a representative.
  4. Each participant should label the bottle with Liqueur and provide an envelope, with the same label as the liqueur, with information about the name of the product, and name and surname of the participant. Labelled bottles and envelopes must be delivered to the organizer, packed in way that would prevent an accidental identification of the product and participant.
  5. The quantity of the delivered product should not be smaller than 0,7 litres.
  6. It is advisable and desired that the quantity of the tincture is higher than e.g. 1,5. It would allow for a further tastings among the participants of Pulp Fiction and awarding the Audience Award.
  7. Competition Committee will be carefully selected by the Organiser, to ensure the impartiality of the appraisal of submitted products. Competition’s participants and their co-workers can’t be selected to the committee. Organizer will act as supervisor of the work of the committee, but will have no vote in evaluation of submitted products.
  8. There can only be one winner. If two or more products receive the same amount of votes, an additional evaluation will be carried out. If this solution fails, the final vote will belong the chairman of the committee.
  9. The winner will receive the Cup and the title of the Master of Endo Liqueur 2022 and the recognition of Our Community.
  10. If the number of submitted products allows it, and additional, Audience Award will be granted – a Cup and a Diploma.
  11. Special award for the best producer of Endo Liqueur founded by Profident.