Pulp Fiction 14

Endodontic’s Enthusiasts Meeting Pulp Fiction 14.
6th – 9th of December 2012

We wish to thank all the participants for attending the 14th edition of annual Endodontic’s Enthusiasts Meeting – Pulp Fiction 14. It took place at the “Best Western Premier” Hotel, Cracow on 6th-9th of December 2012. During the Symposium we discussed innovative methods and techniques in endodontic treatment, post-treatment complications and the latest developement in Micro-Dentistry as well as some implantology issues. As usual, aside from lectures and presentations a variety of accompanying social events was held.
Among the lecturers were world renown specialists like: Marga Ree, Carl E. Misch, Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi, Jorge Vera, Sam Kratchman, Thomas P. Sollecito and Gary Glassman.



Day 1 (6th of December, BioHorizons in Implantology)

Treatment Planning Sequence for Implant Dentistry. Carl E. Misch

Sequence of Treatment for Esthetics in the Maxilla for Implant Prostheses. Carl E. Misch

Treatment Option for Single Tooth Replacement (Posterior vs. Anterior). Carl E. Misch

Key Implant Position and Implant Number. Carl E. Misch

Implant Complications. Cause and Prevention. Carl E. Misch

Day 1 (6th of December, Alternative for Endodontic’s Enthusiasts)

Hands-on workshop: Dental Microscope in Everyday Use (Endodontics and Other Applications). Tomasz Machan

Precision, the Key Factor to Successful Endodontic Surgery. Tomasz Machan

Day 2 (7th of December)

Efficacy of CBCT in Traumatology and Autotransplantation of Teeth. Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi

Diagnosing Oral/Facial Pain or Headache of Unknown Origin. Thomas Sollecito

Complications During Endodontic Treatment: Conventional and Surgical. Sam Kratchman

Endodontic Solutions: Strategies for Performing Endodontic Treatment Predictably, Profitably and Painlessly. Lecture and Demonstration. Gary Glassman

Day 3 (8th of December)

Dilemmas in Treatment Planning: Nonsurgical Retreatment versus Dental Implants. Marga Ree

Managing Immature Non-Vital Teeth and Endodontic Anomalies in Younger Patients. Marga Ree

Effective Disinfection of the Root Canal System: From Research and Science to Clinical Performance.  Jorge Vera

Day 4 (9th of December)

Implantology hands-on workshop. Jerzy Zbożeń

Meeting Place

Best Western Premier Kraków (www.bestwesternkrakow.pl)
ul. Opolska 14a, 31-323 Kraków Tel.: +48 12 376 37 00


Dr Gary Glassman

Gary D. Glassman, graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in 1984 and was awarded the James B. Willmott Scholarship, the Mosby Scholarship and the George Hare Endodontic Scholarship for proficiency in Endodontics. As the author of numerous publications, D.r Glassman is on staff at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in the graduate department of endodontics, and a visiting lecturer at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland.

Prof. Sam Kratchman

Prof. Sam Kratchman was born and raised in New York. He received a B.S. in Biology and a D.M.D. both from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Sam then entered the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a certificate of endodontics, and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Endodontics and the Assistant Director of Graduate Endodontics, in charge of the microsurgical portion of the program. Prof. Kratchman has authored several articles and chapters on endodontics and intentional replantation for the Microsurgery in Endodontics textbook, and the Dental Clinics of North America. He also developed a patented instrument called the S Kondenser for the obturation of root canals. Both Main Line Today and Doctor of Dentistry magazines honored Dr Kratchman as the cover story for their "Best of " issues. Prof. Kratchman lectures on several topics of endodontics throughout the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, South America, and Asia. He also maintains two private practices, limited to endodontics, in Exton and West Chester Pennsylvania.

Dr Tomasz Machan

Dr. Machan graduated in Dentistry at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Italy. In 1998 he took a course in "Microscope Training in Endodontics" at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Entodontics prof. Syungcuk Kim.

Dr n. med. Carl E. Misch

Carl E. Misch is Clinical Professor and Director of Oral Implantology at Temple University, Philadelphia. Dr Misch serves on the Board of Trustees at the University of Detroit Mercy where he is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics. In 1984, Dr Carl Misch founded the Misch International Implant InstituteTM (MIII), which now has locations in Florida and California.

Prof. Marga Ree

Marga Ree, from the Netherlands. Marga Ree obtained her degree in dentistry from the University of Amsterdam in 1979. For the next five years she was a part-time staff member of the department of Cardiology Endodontology Pedodontology, as well as being a clinical instructor in the central dental clinic of the University of Amsterdam. In 2001, She completed a postgraduate training programme in endodontics with a Master of Science degree. Since that time she has lectured widely and taught hands-on courses throughout the Netherlands and abroad. She is the primary author of several articles published in National and International journals and has contributed to several books on endodontics and general dentistry. Since 1980 she has had a private practice in Purmerend, which for the past nine years has been dedicated to endodontics.

Dr Thomas P. Sollecito

Dr. Sollecito is Chair of the Department of Oral Medicine and Professor of Oral Medicine. From July 2008 through June 2009, Dr Sollecito served as Interim Dean at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from February 2005 through June 2008. Dr Sollecito is an Attending in Oral Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and a Clinical Associate at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr n. med. Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi

Dr Tsukiboshi is a graduate of Osaka University School of Dentistry in 1976. He earned a PhD in dental materials from Kyoto University in 1980 and has been engaged in private practice since 1981. Dr Tsukiboshi’s interest in dental traumatology and autotransplantation has led to extensive clinical involvement, course presentations and publications.

Dr n. med. Jorge Vera

Dr. Jorge Vera received his DDS degree in 1989 from National Autonomous University of Mexico (Spanish: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). In 1993 he received a Certificate in Endodontics from TUFTS University. He is the chairman of the Mexican Association of Endodontists, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board Member for the Journal of Endodontics.He has delivered more than 150 lectures and courses In Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Australia, Holland and Italy. Cr Vera has authored 40 papers in Mexican and international journals.

Dr Jerzy Zbożeń

Dr. Jerzy Zbożeń graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in 1980. Few years later he obtained a specialization in Oral Surgery. Interests: endodontics, microsurgery, implantology. Dr Zbozen runs his own multi-seat dental and surgical practice in Kielce. In 1993 he founded Profident (www.profident.pl), a company which specialises in implementing new technological solutions in the fields of endodontics, microsurgery and implantogy on the Polsih market. Dr Zbozen is the administrator and co-author of a specialised internet portal for Endodontists www.endodoncja.pl.